Black & white photo challenge #3

Round two of the photo challenge was won by Jim In IA, so let’s move quickly on to round three. Can you guess where this is? And please restrict your comments to speculation about the location, not my personal appearance. It was a very windy day.


15 responses to “Black & white photo challenge #3

  1. You might be pleased to know that Google doesn’t have a clue on this one. Neither do I 🙂

  2. Let me give you a clue … it’s a bridge.

  3. Frankfurt?

  4. Ahhh… bet it begins with an “F”…

  5. Interesting angle on the bridge. It looks like it plummets into the water just behind your left ear.

    • Yes, it does, but then it continues in the distance out of the other side of my head, revealing quite a distinctive shape. Go on, make a guess.

      • Sorry, no clue. For Challenge # 1, I was going to say “French castle,” but thought you might rule that out as “too vague” (and possibly the wrong country).

        • Well, any guess is better than none. I was hoping people could work as a team to narrow it down. Everyone seems too afraid (or bored) to try, apart from “local mum” who knows the answer but won’t say it 😦
          Go on Gary, guess a continent!

  6. Third, FOURTH, fifth…

  7. OK, I’m going to give you all a subtle clue. Och aye! Hoots, the noo! Where’s my haggis?

  8. If I have to guess a continent I’ll say Europe, but it could be one of those new NASA Rover images indicating life on Mars for all I know. (I suppose that whether this violates your ban on personal appearance comments depends on how you read it.)

  9. Europe is correct, and there definitely isn’t this much water on Mars.

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