roadrunnerEverything beeps. The alarm clock beeps. My phone beeps. My car beeps.

The washing machine beeps. The dryer beeps. The microwave oven beeps.

Until I worked out how to change it, the dishwasher used to beep.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, when we are all asleep, the smoke detector beeps.

The TV beeps. The Playstation beeps. On a bad day even the fridge beeps.

I hate it when they beep. Why won’t they stop?


13 responses to “Beep

  1. … don’t get paranoid… but they might just be swearing at you!

  2. Quite right. I wish that beeps were easily disabled on things which don’t strictly need them. My microwave is the main culprit, but my new car likes beeping far too beeping often too.

  3. SSSHHH, don’t tell, but it’s a secret conspiracy to drive you insane. There is a worldwide television show airing now broadcasting your slow progression to insanity. It’s the most watched show of all time. I’ve got to get back to it. Your alarm clock is about to beep. Can’t wait to see your reaction.

  4. All those beeps are to remind you of the things you should have taken care of, but haven’t yet, in other words, to make you feel inadequate.

    But don’t worry. If you set things up right, you can have your phone beep every time a new comment gets posted to your blog! 😀

  5. Mmm… Have you tried ignoring the beeps? Ignoring stuff is a great power of a human brain. We should learn how to use our brain to its full capacity. Most problems in this world can be solved by a mental effort of not thinking about them. It may sound strange, but not doing something often requires more effort than doing it.

  6. Sorry, I just had to do that.

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