My new book is published!

Strange Thoughts Random MutteringsDo you know those newspaper columnists who cynically bundle together their previously-published articles and release them as a book? What a brilliant idea! I decided to do the same.

I’ve written nearly 300 articles on this blog, and not all of them are terrible. I decided to pick out the 100 best posts and publish them as an e-book. These aren’t necessarily the most popular posts, or the latest. Many of them are old ones that almost nobody has read. But they are my favourites.

The book is called “Strange Thoughts, Random Mutterings” and exists as an e-book on Amazon (UK and US), Kobo, Nook and iBooks. It’s free, so please download it if you haven’t already read enough of my rants and ramblings. I’ve published it under my pen-name of Jackson Radcliffe.

And if any of you could take the time to write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any of the other places people leave reviews, I’d be unbelievably grateful. I mean it.

26 responses to “My new book is published!

  1. Celebrate! Best of luck!

  2. Yay! Exciting times!

  3. This is great. I was just thinking about my posts, snd how, although my numbers have dropped off and I don’t get many comments anymore, I am proud of my posts. That is truly an accomplishment for me:not needing reinforcement from others in order to feel good about my output. Cheers to self confidence!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. I wonder if WordPress is going out of fashion, as many of the people I follow post less these days. The trick is to write for your own benefit, and not to follow numbers. Much of what I write is simply to gather my own thoughts on a topic, or to get things off my chest. Others, like this post, are written with an audience in mind. I sense that you follow the same approach.

  4. Brilliant for sure! Hope it sells a ton!

  5. Dear Steve- please do charge for your book and donate the proceeds to your favourite charity. Mine is Saving the Wild Elephant hint hint. ❤️

    • Sarah, the free book is intended as an experiment, to see if it can attract new readers who may be interested in buying my other book, The Yoga Sutras. Besides, it would feel wrong to charge money for something that is already available at no cost on my blog.

  6. Congrats! You know what popped out to me in the post? ‘Favourite’.. We use British spellings here; however, having worked for a company that developed software for U.S., I started using the American English (favorite) 🙂

    By the way, is there a post where you explain why you chose this pen name?

  7. Downloaded the book, looking forward to reading it. Cheers to you for taking the publishing step; I know from experience it is a huge hurdle in a writer’s journey!

  8. Good idea. Just downloaded it and looking forward to reading and rating it.

    You’re pumping the books out!

  9. Not available in India sadly. I bet it is a good book 🙂

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