The first and last rose

In these dark days of November, when the nights are long, and the days devoid of sunshine, there are still small miracles to be found in the garden. This morning I took a photo of the very last rose of the season.



And here, peeping from between the fallen leaves and decaying vegetation of the autumn, is the primrose, the prima rosa, or first rose of the new year.



5 responses to “The first and last rose

  1. My wonderful Abelia Grandiflora is still in flower, and the last of the bees continue to visit it.

  2. Around here (Minnesnowta) it’s taken until today for the temps to finally fall below freezing (although only by a degree or so). Haven’t even had to get out the winter gear, yet.

    So do we now get to go tease all those Republicans who went around during cold snaps saying, “Global warming? What global warming??”

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