Do you prefer Donald Duck or Donald Trump?

Do you prefer Donald Duck or Donald Trump?

Do you prefer Donald Duck or Donald Trump?

Seriously, I’d love to know. And I have more questions for you. Like, do you prefer Dinosaurs or Cheese Burgers? And, do you prefer Vampires or The Muppet Show?

You can answer all these questions and more at a new website called Xory (pronounced “zory” – short for X or Y) which my family has created as a summer project. We hope you like it.

We’ve had lots of fun making this, using my wife’s management skills, my own web programming expertise and the accumulated useless knowledge of our kids.

What we need now is your help to spread the word. So why not try it, and if you like it, tell your friends and family. They might like it too.

24 responses to “Do you prefer Donald Duck or Donald Trump?

  1. No contest…Donald Duck.

  2. Donald Duck, but then you’d have to reach pretty far down to find people I’d prefer Trump over. (Maybe some Bond villains or actual dictators.)

    Crucially, I prefer Daffy Duck over Donald Duck, and Bugs Bunny over both.

    Interesting comparisons on the site.

  3. I tried it – that was fun! Except that there were a lot of sports stars, current recording artists and video games that I didn’t know. Sometimes I was having to pick between two things I was totally unfamiliar with. Can there be a button for “skip this one because I don’t have a clue?”.

  4. And what’s the practical use of the accumulated data?

  5. I’m with SelfAwarePatterns on this. The duck trumps the anus everytime and I also prefer Daffy to Donald and Bugs over both. Lola Bunny and the coyote are pretty neat too. Bugs and Daffy were the stand out actors in Space Jam and Porky Pig was excellent too.
    The Trump is just such a low life that he really should return to the slime pit he came from. Problem is a lot of Americans like the bloke which I find strange as I’ve always found Americans warm, friendly and intelligent. The man is a dangerous idiot!
    Anyway, enough on my opinions of politicians. I will be trying out your new website shortly.
    Have a great day

    • There are other much more important questions on the website, like Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe, Yogi Bear or Yoda, and many more. I hope you like it. We are hoping to get as many social media shares as possible to kickstart it.

  6. The Duck… eminently more comprehensible, much less reprehensible.

  7. I went on to your site about a week ago. It was fun thing to do. There were a few names that I didn’t know, and was glad that the program just let me click by them, Is there an end? That was the only thing that made me uncomfortable, not knowing whether or not it was something to “finiish.” …or is seeing how long people will stay with it part of the experiment?

    • Thanks Paula! A few people have asked whether it comes to an end or just continues forever. The answer is that it continues to generate random questions for as long as you keep clicking the button.

      I think that what people are really asking is, “Is there a purpose to the website?” to which the answer is “No!” People under the age of 30 don’t seem to have a problem with us – it appears to be an issue for folk of our generation!

  8. Of those three do yous, vampires, surely. Half of them are sexy, as seen on TV

  9. I’ll take Sesame Street over golf any day.

    Interesting to see how other people voted. I noticed people tended to go for the silly option (as I did.)

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