Book cover design

I’m about to publish the first book in my werewolf apocalypse series.

I used 99designs to find a designer, and more than 50 designers submitted book cover designs!

Please help me choose a cover design by voting for your favourite from the 8 final designs.

Click here to vote in the poll:

Thank you!

12 responses to “Book cover design

  1. I like the one with the werewolf hand a lot. The colors really catch the eye, and it’s sort of mysterious too.

  2. done!
    Good luck with this.
    Have you and Jackson Radcliff parted ways?

  3. Thanks. Jackson is taking a sabbatical while he comes to terms with his lack of commercial success. He has a half-written psychological thriller that he may get round to finishing one day.

  4. I have voted ,but won’t say who I’ve voted for because I don’t want to influence the result 🙂

    Good luck on the launch. It is so hard for a new author make a financial success

    The Science Geek

  5. Late to the party again but my vote is in. Best of luck bud.

  6. Congrats!!! That is awesome!

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