Birthday status – 50 and counting

It’s snowing today, and it was snowing fifty years ago too. I know that, because fifty years ago I was born. (Actually my birthday was January 19, but I’ve been too busy to blog – sorry!)

Half a century has passed (yes, I am now measuring my age in centuries, not years.)  It’s still snowing and Elizabeth II is still queen, but everything else has changed. Too many things to list, so I won’t attempt it. But let’s take a look at the highlights of 1968 – an interesting and eventful year, by any measure.

  • The Prague Spring – a short-lived period of liberalization in Czechoslovakia – began in January and was crushed by Soviet tanks in the summer.
  • North Korea attacked and captured a US spy ship.
  • The Tet Offensive began in Vietnam.
  • The film 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered.
  • Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated.
  • London Bridge was sold to an American millionaire, who moved it to Arizona.
  • The semiconductor company Intel was founded.
  • Pope Paul VI issued an encyclical forbidding birth control.
  • The last steam passenger train ran in Britain.
  • France tested its first hydrogen bomb.
  • The Troubles began in Northern Ireland.
  • NASA launched Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission.
  • Richard Nixon won the US Presidential election.
  • Yale University opened its doors to women.
  • The first pulsar was discovered.
  • Abortion was legalized in the UK.
  • Britain’s M1 motorway opened.

Wow! That’s an amazing list of milestones and events, even by present-day standards.

I share my birth year with quite a few celebs too – Daniel Craig, Celine Dion, Kylie Minogue, Gillian Anderson, Guy Ritchie, Will Smith and Hugh Jackman, to mention a few.

All in all, 1968 was a pretty interesting year, and I’m looking forward to finding out how 2068 measures up. I hope you’ll join me then!

26 responses to “Birthday status – 50 and counting

  1. I’m hoping that you got the message that I left with Jackson Radcliff, on twitter, that Iva and I were sending good birthday wishes your way on Jan 19.
    That list of 1968 events is really impressive. An auspicious year to be born.
    BTW my daughter is doing her spring semester in London, has been there a week. She is loving your country!

    • Oops, I just saw those now. I’ve mostly given up on Twitter. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! And I’m pleased to hear your daughter is enjoying studying in London. She’s very adventurous, travelling continents to study!

  2. Happy Birthday Steve!

    1968 was indeed a major year. I’d just add to your list that Apollo 8, launched in December of that year, was the first crewed spacecraft to leave near Earth orbit and circle the moon.

  3. A happy birthday + 2 to you sir. I remember most of those events. 🙂

    • Thanks Jim. The earliest “news” events I remember are all from 1976 – the first flight of Concorde, record high temperatures in the summer, and the introduction of British Rail’s high-speed train.

  4. That’s a great picture of you. I hope your 50th year brings you much joy and success. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, Steve! Half century sounds way cooler than 50, especially from where I come from where half century is so closely associated with cricket – a score of 50 runs in a single match.

    Also, the Women’s March is on my mind, so yay! to – Yale University opened its doors to women and Abortion was legalized in the UK. 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary. Mine is in December. I still have 11 months to enjoy my forties.

  7. Congrats on your first half century! I hope the next half century is even better!

  8. Belated happy birthday, Steve! 🙂

  9. Well, happy belated birthday. I’m older than you and I came into the world in the early 1950s but I can’t for the life of me remember France testing a hydrogen bomb then and I’m quite shocked. Just shows you that my then-teenage brain was on other things… probably off the planet! 😉

    I somehow doubt I’ll still be here in 50 yrs time… but I hope you stick around.

  10. I’m a bit late, but Happy Birthday! Amazing…you and my brother are exactly the same age. Well, I wish you a fantastic 50th year of existence!

  11. I hope your nearly first month of your 50th year is going well. My daughter tells me it’s cold there, but not as cold as here, and she is enjoying your country a great deal. Now don’t make yourself a stranger here. Looking forward to reading your next post when it decides it needs to be shaken out of you.

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