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Spring is here!

115_1570Today is the Spring Equinox, and by popular request, I am posting some more photos of the garden. As you can see, Spring really has arrived in Oxford! Continue reading

Spring is near

115_1545I was out frolicking in the garden this morning before work, and I couldn’t stop myself from taking photos. Although it’s still Winter, there are signs of Spring everywhere. Bulbs are thrusting up through the soil, buds are poised ready to open, and some early flowers are already brightening up the dark days of February. Very soon it will be peak growing time here in the garden, but for now everything is on the cusp, waiting …

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Suspension of disbelief

suspensionbridgeThere are just so many creative people in our world. There are artists who make us see the world afresh through visual media. There are musicians who play with our emotions just like they play their instruments. There are writers who make us think, feel and imagine through words alone.

But what if your medium was the physical world itself, and your task was to make the impossible possible? That would make you awesome. That would make you an engineer. Continue reading

Gods & heroes

nativityI’m an atheist, but not a militant one. Instead of scrapping religions, I believe we should instead recycle them. All that ecclesiastical art and architecture shouldn’t go to waste. Religious music is heavenly and a good requiem is to die for.

And what about Christmas? Even die-hard atheists love their Christmas trees and their mistletoe.

Religions are superb at two things – narrative and symbolism.

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Yesterday I was wondering, where are ideas? Then afterwards, I had another idea (did you also lie awake at night worrying about this?) Continue reading

Where are ideas?

This week I’m getting all metaphysical. Since arguing that we create science rather than discover it, then it follows that science and the laws of nature are not “out there” waiting to be found, but are ideas contained within our imagination. They have the same status as stories that we tell each other.

The same is true of mathematics. It’s just an idea. That seems paradoxical, because mathematics has rules, like 1 + 1 = 2 that we can’t change. The rules seem to be real. They seem to relate to real world things that we can count. Continue reading

Searching for spirituality (part 4 of 4)

If you’re a religious or spiritual kind of person, I’ve probably already pissed you off with this series of articles, and you’ve already stopped reading. That’s a pity, because you’re going to miss the best bit. Continue reading