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Mourning the living

As a child, I mourned greatly the death of my great-grandmother, who died on my thirteenth birthday. Later, my grandmother, who died a few months before I married; and then my other grandmother, who shared the joy and anticipation that my wife and I felt at expecting our first child, but never lived to see him born.

Just recently I have mourned the death of another man, who, although we were not close, meant more to me than he probably ever realised.

Now, as the warmth of summer slips into the coolness of memory, and another autumn begins, I find myself mourning the living. Continue reading

Frozen to Life: A Personal Mortality Experiment (Book review)

frozentolifeI was sent a free copy of this book by the author, and asked to write an honest review. As the author noted in his email to me, ‘I think we have quite a few interests in common. ‘That’s very true, so I thought my review might also be of interest to my blog readers.

The book is the story of why the author (DJ MacLennan), has chosen to have his brain cryogenically frozen when he dies – or as he puts it – when current medicine can do no more to save him from death. It’s a personal story, and a scientific and philosophical investigation of what it means to live and die. Here’s my review of the book. Continue reading