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24 hours to save the world

Each one of us is blessed with 24 hours in every day. But what we do with those 24 hours varies enormously. Continue reading

Hand bags, sand bags and man bags

Today I’m answering one of the greatest mysteries of the universe – what do women keep in their handbags? Continue reading

Politics and fairness

OK, raise your hand if you believe in fairness. Ha! I tricked you. I haven’t yet defined what fairness means. Continue reading

Smash the glass cages

Not everyone can be a celebrity or an astronaut, an explorer, writer, artist, model or business leader. We can’t all own fast cars or live in expensive houses or travel the world and do exciting things. We weren’t all born clever or rich or beautiful or talented or witty.

Hell, that’s a very long list of things ordinary people can’t do or be. Continue reading


triange… continued from Man, Woman, Yoga.

Another week, another yoga class.

‘Come to the front of your mats,’ says the Goddess, ‘Place your hands in prayer position. Now turn sideways, pointing your right foot forward. Lean to the side, clasping your right big toe with your right hand and reach up to the sky with your left hand, keeping your chest open.’

A typical yoga posture – easy to describe,  hard to understand, and completely impossible to do. Continue reading

Privacy? Forget it!

nocamerasA contestant on the BBC’s reality show The Apprentice got into trouble recently for having photos of her boobs splashed all over the internet. Did she really get in trouble? Or did she generate a load of free publicity and jump start her career in media? Continue reading

Man, woman, yoga

kaliFor many years my wife nagged me to take up yoga. No, I said, it’s just a lot of gentle stretching for girls. Then, about five years ago, I tried my first yoga class. Continue reading