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The wolfsbane experiment

By the waterside by Randi Hausken Creative Commons licence (CC By 2.0)

Wolfsbane, also known as Monkshood because of the shape of its flowers, is the common name for the perennial shrub Aconitum. A native of Europe and North America, it’s a herbaceous plant with a tall stem, often with blue flowers.

I planted a batch of Aconite seeds as part of my research into werewolves. Continue reading

The first and last rose

In these dark days of November, when the nights are long, and the days devoid of sunshine, there are still small miracles to be found in the garden. This morning I took a photo of the very last rose of the season.



And here, peeping from between the fallen leaves and decaying vegetation of the autumn, is the primrose, the prima rosa, or first rose of the new year.



Picking the low-hanging fruit

WP_20150618_003June is my favourite month of the year. There are many reasons for this.  Here are just a few. Continue reading

Dogwood up

dogwoodA few months ago I published a post showing how I had ruthlessly pruned a dogwood shrub in my garden. Some sensitive readers were concerned that I had been too brutal, and had in fact murdered the dogwood. Here, I want to present some photographic evidence that the dogwood came to no harm and in fact has given birth to new life in a spectacular way. Continue reading

Dogwood down

dogwoodDogwood is a common shrub in the British Isles and we have one in our garden. It looks best in late winter, when its deep purple-red branches stand out vividly against the snow and frost. Continue reading