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The tragedy of the meme

memesIt was the geneticist, Richard Dawkins, in his book The Selfish Gene, who first proposed the idea of the meme. Dawkins defined the meme as a unit of cultural transmission, an idea, pattern or concept that could be passed from person to person, changing or evolving as it propagates, such that successful memes or their variants spread rapidly, and unpopular memes die out. Dawkins, a scientist and an atheist, no doubt had in mind the notion that scientific and rational memes would steadily gain acceptance, and that religious and superstitious memes, when exposed to the harsh light of analysis and debate would gradually fade away. What a tragedy then, that the memes that seem to spread like wildfire are trivial nonsense at best, or ignorant bigotry at worst. Continue reading

Is it?

questionmarkToday I have a cold and nobody wants to be in the same room as me, so I’m spending extra time with my blogging friends instead.  Do make sure you have your antivirus software fully up to date before reading any further.

Having nothing much to do on a Sunday afternoon all alone, I started typing “is it” into the Google search box, and as usual, Google offered some helpful suggestions. Most puzzling to me were:

Is it down?


Is it Christmas? Continue reading

How do wasps get into the house?

Today a wasp got into the house. Yesterday, a ladybird. Flies get inside nearly every day. How do they do it? Continue reading

My creepy time travel experience

I just got this creepy message from Goodreads.com in my Facebook feed:

“Goodreads added something in the past to your timeline.”

How sinister is that? How can something have been added just now but in the past? Continue reading

How to get more blog followers

When I started blogging, I told all my friends about my blog and I shared my posts on Facebook. But sadly my friends had zero interest in reading my innermost thoughts, feelings and desires. Not even my mother read my blog. Reader, I wept.

However, after a few posts I noticed something very interesting. Complete strangers were reading my blog posts and liking them. Some liked my blog so much that they even followed it. I was a celeb! Continue reading

Stepping stones to Transhumanism

googleglassThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES2014) currently taking place in Las Vegas is packed full of smart glasses, like Google Glass.

Wearable tech is poised to transform the way we interact with technology. With a pair of smart glasses, you can begin to feel like superman, taking photos and recording videos of anything you see, and with the almost telepathic ability to interact directly with the internet and with your own automated personal assistant.

Don’t doubt that this will happen, just so long as the cost is affordable and the tech works in a convenient way. After all, just a few years ago, how many people would have imagined that we would be carrying smartphones everywhere and that email, Facebook and other social media would be just as important as face to face communication?

Smart glasses are just the latest in a long history of creeping augmentation of our abilities by technology. Observers of technology call this transition “Transhumanism” and predict an inevitable and exponential increase in how this impacts on our lives. Continue reading

Searching for spirituality (part 1 of 4)

Spirituality isn’t a word that appears often on this blog. I’m an atheist, so I have trouble when people start talking about spirituality. Is that the same as supernatural? My instinct is to scoff and pull back. And yet, I’m a sensitive kind of guy who likes to think deep thoughts, so this spirituality thing shouldn’t really be off limits to me. So today, I’m hesitatingly dipping my toe in the water, and asking, “What is spirituality?”

Continue reading

Privacy? Forget it!

nocamerasA contestant on the BBC’s reality show The Apprentice got into trouble recently for having photos of her boobs splashed all over the internet. Did she really get in trouble? Or did she generate a load of free publicity and jump start her career in media? Continue reading

Surprisingly, you’ve never read this before

You might think that in this world of blogs, tweets, texts and general information overload, pretty much everything that could be written has been already. Yet it’s astonishingly easy to write a sentence nobody else has ever written. Surprisingly, you’ve never read this before. Continue reading

Do I look like this?

stevemorris140x140I got this great idea from another blog. Google has a feature in its image search called visually similar images. So I found an image of myself and clicked the link.

Now I see myself as others see me. Continue reading