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Does capitalism cause unemployment?

unemploymentI recently read a comment on a website by someone saying that capitalism has failed in Britain because unemployment has grown from 1 million when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister to nearly 3 million now.

That’s a serious charge, and if capitalism can’t defend itself against that, then it clearly has failed. No economic system that throws millions of people on the scrap heap can be justified. But look a little closer and you’ll see that’s not how it is. Continue reading

Left, right, left, right (Part two)

Uh, oh. Politics again. Look away now.

In this series of articles, I’m exploring some ideas that have been bothering me for many years. This is just me thinking out loud for my own benefit. It’s a work in progress; a journey. I’m warning you. Click that back button. Continue reading

Less regulation, not more

Let’s list the industries that get the most consumer complaints. Banks, railways, energy suppliers, water companies, financial services, mobile phone companies, insurers.

Funnily enough, these are also the sectors that are most tightly regulated by government. Spooky coincidence or what? Continue reading

Left, right, left, right (part one)

leftrightIn politics there’s a stark divide between left and right. Or is there? Could there be more common ground than people think? Continue reading

Opposing beliefs

Do you get annoyed when someone argues the exact opposite of what you believe? A politician, or a religious person, or some other kind of vocal, opinionated person? I certainly do. But here’s a useful thought experiment. Imagine that other person getting equally annoyed listening to you. Continue reading

Divided society

The death of Margaret Thatcher has brought into stark relief what a divided society we still live in. I’m not talking about the divide between North and South, or East and West, or rich and poor. I’m talking about the divide between Left and Right. Continue reading