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You are awesome

Congratulations on making it here. You’re a survivor. Not only did you survive childbirth, childhood and however many years you’ve lived since (an achievement that sadly most humans in history didn’t manage), but so did your parents, your grand-parents, and all your ancestors back to some single-celled organism swimming through ancient seas. Continue reading

What is the secret of happiness?

yogadudeIn my novel, The Yoga Sutras, my protagonist Dave is searching for the secret of happiness. His yoga teacher, Kali, and his friends Chris and Mike are eager to offer him their recipe for happiness, but none of their advice rings true for Dave. Continue reading

Judging a book by its cover

You should never judge a book by its cover, unless of course you are deciding whether or not to read it. For before you read it, how else can you judge it?

Reviews on Amazon, recommendations by friends and the “blurb” on the back all help, but it’s the cover that has the first and potentially biggest impact.

So, given the critical importance of a book’s cover, I am pleased to reveal the cover of my forthcoming novel, The Yoga Sutras, to be published April 2014:

theyogasutras Continue reading

Live to 100 the Icelandic Way

Iceland. It’s a cold country far, far away. It has the third highest life expectancy in Europe. And it’s an annoying anomaly in my study of countries with high life expectancy. The other countries where people live long, healthy lives tend to be hot and sunny.

So what’s special about Iceland? Why do people live such a long time? Do they hibernate in Winter? Continue reading

Privacy? Forget it!

nocamerasA contestant on the BBC’s reality show The Apprentice got into trouble recently for having photos of her boobs splashed all over the internet. Did she really get in trouble? Or did she generate a load of free publicity and jump start her career in media? Continue reading

Sex in the garden

dejeunersurlherbeYes, I thought that headline might grab your attention. This article is all about happiness. Continue reading

Stepping stones to freedom

samesexmarriageAmerica’s Supreme Court has overturned legislation that prevented homosexuals having equal marriage rights to straight couples. This follows similar rulings and legislation in Europe. That’s good news. And although I’m not gay and neither are any of my close friends, I understand the injustice that has now been removed.

President Obama said something very interesting about the ruling. He said that it gives all of us more freedom. At first glance, this pronouncement may seem to be misleading, but I believe that Obama is absolutely right. Here’s why. Continue reading

Top 10 tips for expectant Dads

This article is for any men out there who are going to become fathers for the first time. Congratulations! Feeling scared yet? Sure you are! This is way out of your comfort zone. We men need to help each other as much as possible, so sit back, read my tips learned the hard way, and prepare to scare yourself shitless.

By the way, I’m “over-delivering” on this article and giving you 15 tips instead of the 10 advertised. Continue reading

I accuse myself

missscarlettWe’re playing a lot of Cluedo in our house at the moment, and I can’t help noticing how ridiculous the game is. For instance, how could a character not know whether they were the murderer? And what kind of mad house has rooms that do not connect to each other, but instead are reached by a hallway that threads its way throughout the entire building?

Despite these absurdities, Cluedo somehow manages to leave a deep, lasting impression, so that every man, woman and child who has ever played it secretly longs to live in a house with a ballroom, a library and a conservatory.

And, I have a confession to make. Continue reading

Let’s talk about sex

I was browsing my elder son’s science textbook the other day, and rude words kept jumping out at me.

Penis! Scrotum! Copulation!

It read like a perv’s handbook. The fact is that science is the only school subject where you can draw diagrams of willies and not end up in detention. Continue reading