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The next economic era is here

The world my children inhabit looks superficially like the world I grew up in during the 1970s. The house they live in, the clothes they wear and the food they eat – none of these would be very strange to the kids of a generation ago (although even here there are notable differences.) But the way they spend their time is completely different to anything I dreamed of doing.

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24 hours to save the world

Each one of us is blessed with 24 hours in every day. But what we do with those 24 hours varies enormously. Continue reading

Rand vs Gandhi

gandhiThis post is a response to fellow blogger Daedalus Lex. He asks the question, “How does one live a good life?” and provides two mutually exclusive answers. Continue reading

6 lessons from the French Revolution

guillotineI’ve been reading about La Revolution Francaise recently and it seems that there are some really  useful lessons we can learn from what happened. Continue reading

What is wealth?

moneyObviously it’s the stuff in the photo. It’s money, or it could be real estate or gold or oil or diamonds.

Except, what if it’s not? What if wealth is something else entirely? Continue reading

The myth of consumerism

consumerismConsumerism (noun): Advocacy of an excessive or wasteful rate of consumption and spending as a basis for a sound economy.

If you’ve ever thought that an economy based on consumers buying stuff they don’t need, then throwing it away and buying more is a stupid idea, then you were right. It is a stupid idea. Nobody with an ounce of common sense would think otherwise.

The idea of consumerism was invented to make you think that the modern global economy is stupid and that we should all go back to simpler lives. It’s an attempt to make capitalism and globalization seem ridiculous. It’s an example of a straw man argument. Continue reading

Smash the glass cages

Not everyone can be a celebrity or an astronaut, an explorer, writer, artist, model or business leader. We can’t all own fast cars or live in expensive houses or travel the world and do exciting things. We weren’t all born clever or rich or beautiful or talented or witty.

Hell, that’s a very long list of things ordinary people can’t do or be. Continue reading