The Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutras: A Tale of Sex, Lies and Spiritual Enlightenment  is now available at, and international Amazon stores!

The Yoga Sutras by Jackson Radcliffe

The Yoga Sutras is a dark philosophical comedy about Dave, a rational person who has the misfortune of living in an irrational universe. Dave has ‘issues’ and is sent to yoga classes by his wife, the beautiful but unsympathetic Marlene. But is yoga the solution, or just part of the problem?

It doesn’t help that his yoga teacher, Kali, appears to be a physical incarnation of the Hindu Goddess of Creation & Destruction. Dave’s blood thickens with cold whenever she comes close, and that’s doing his cholesterol level no good at all.

The men in Dave’s life are no use either. Max, the boss from hell, is threatening to fire him. Chris the dork has a Star Wars quotation for every occasion. And beer-swilling Mike has nothing to offer but bloke wisdom and dirty jokes.

Dave seeks knowledge in a book, and not just any book. The two-thousand year old Yoga Sutras is the Bible of yoga, but the more Dave reads, the less he understands.

As he tries to escape his earthly bondage, a new and terrifying world of gods, goddesses, angels, demons and witches opens up before him. Is this the liberation from karma that was promised in the Yoga Sutras, or are things taking a major turn for the worse? Can anti-hero Dave find wisdom, save his marriage, learn to do yoga without falling over, and discover the secret of happiness before everything goes too far?

6 responses to “The Yoga Sutras

  1. Enjoyed the hard copy, Steven. You can go to my amazon review to see a few comments. Jackson Radcliffe now appears on the reading log of my website, somewhere between Dickens and Dostoevsky. Gary

    • Gary, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book, and thanks very much for your glowing Amazon review! It’s fascinating to see what different readers find in the story – for some it’s the comedy; for others it’s Dave’s inner world and the ideas that he grapples with. You seem to have enjoyed both, making you a star reader!!

  2. This sounds too good to pass up. I haven’t read a comedy piece in a LOOOOOONG time, but this sounds hilarious and very “rational” 🙂

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